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I often want to plan a route out, usually in a circle with multiple stops. When i got my tomtom rider 400 it came with premium membership of Tyre. I used this with google maps to plan a route, i liked the fact you could drag the route round to fine tune it. Tyre stopped working, They gave you an alternative but you had to do something with Google and set up a paid account which i did not want to do. I cant seem to get drive to work that well, is there any other route planning software out there that will do the job

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    Hi @KeredH,

    You could try Garmin BaseCamp which is free or a lot of people use MyRide but whilst this is apparently good (I've never used it), I believe it now requires a subscription.

    However I do exactly what you are talking about with MyDrive!

    Select a point that is the furthest that you want to travel to and click on "Plan Route". Then make sure that "Thrill" is selected rather than "Fastest" and then click on the "Round Trip" button. This will create a looped route.

    You can now add stops to the route. You may need to re-arrange their order but you can do that by clicking on the three dots next to the stop point in the "Plan Route" sidebar and dragging the stop up or down the list.

    You can also click on the route itself and drag it out to different roads to force the route and create a via point (which is different from a stop point)

    When finished you can then send the "Route" to your device by clicking on "Send Destination" (or "Send Stops" if there is more than one point defined) or you can save the route and click on the "Sync this route as a track with my device" button.

    Remember that a "Route" is just a collection of points. The path taken between the points will be recalculated by the device that you open the "route" on and if that device has different settings, then the path will be different than you originally planned. For example, regardless of the settings used on MyDrive, when I send a destination (or stops) to my device, it will initially use what ever has been set up as the default routing settings so the "route" when sent, usually follows a different path than I had on My Drive but it will go through the points I defined. The path can also change from day to day when you have an active traffic subscription, even if you have the same settings on your device because if there is now a closed road on the planned route, when you open the route, the device will automatically route around it.

    If you absolutely want to follow the exact path you planed, then sync it as a track and navigate using the track as it is a fixed path.
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    Welcome to the site....
    May be useful....
    I prefer .ITN Routes....
    A Route planned directly on the device is a .ITN Route
    An .ITN Route uses Stops and the device plans the route between the stops... An .ITN Route will will respond to Live Traffic and any route deviations BUT an .ITN route will doggedly follow the stops in the order they were created, if you miss a stop, the device will continuously attempt to guide you to the missed stop... You have to cancel the problem stop on the device to avoid it

    If you want to force a different route you simply add more stops
    Note...When you add the extra Stops Max Zoom right into the road
    Don't put the stop on the wrong side of a dual track road (Journey loop back errors)
    Don't put the stop up a side-road... It may guide you though a built-up area via side streets back to your route, instead of a u-turn
    Don't put the stop on on a traffic Island always place a guidance stop further up road on the route after the required traffic island exit....

    Using the MyDrive Web Route planner....

    Using a .ITN Route planned on the MDW Route planner...
    The latest version of MyDrive Web Route planner....
    For .ITN Routes with NO Stops... The Menu Shows 'Send Destination'
    For .ITN Routes with Stops........... The Menu Changes to 'Send Stops'
    The MyDrive Web Route planner only sends the route to the device as a Destination... Or if you add Stops it send it as a Route....
    Note... The .ITN route is not automatically saved in MyRoutes
    If you are using .ITN route and 'Send Stops'
    see my workaround below



    Complex Twenty Stop .ITN Route Rider 400

    Be Aware .ITN Routes....
    If your starting point IS NOT your present location there's a BUG
    When using the 'Send Stops' option, during an "A" to "B" route transfer and when 'A' IS NOT your present location...
    The device drops Location "A"
    This bug also applies also to Multi-Stop/Waypoint routes... 'A' to 'B' to 'C' to' D' to 'E' etc...

    For a more detailed info about the 'Dropped 1st Stop Bug'
    Click on the Link...

    This is the workaround method I use....

    The Tomtom MyDrive Web Route Planner....
    Get it Here...

    (1).... Plan my Route with the MyDrive Web Route planner (With or Without Stops as required)

    (2)... Then Zoom in... Place a Sacrificial stop close to the Start Icon

    (4)... Choose the 'Send Stops' option... The route will sync to your device

    (5)... The device will calculate your route from your 'Present location'
    (5.1)... The device will calculate your route using Stops in the order that you placed the Stops in the route
    (5.2)... If the planned Start of the Route is your 'Present location'... Then skip Bullet-point... (6)

    (6)...When the route has calculated, Pinch zoom to the correct start of your Route (The Sacrificial Stop Icon) 'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) on the Sacrificial Stop Icon --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Choose 'Use as a Starting Point'
    The device will calculate your route from your new location

    (7)... Saving the Route
    Note... When you use the Send 'Destination' or the 'Send Stops' option, the .ITN Route is >> NOT << automatically saved to 'MyRoutes'
    To Save the .ITN Route to MyRoutes...'Quick Tap' anywhere on the Route --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Manage route --> Add to my Routes.... Edit the route name as required or simply Tap Add

    Note... (1) A 'Quick Tap' and 'Long Tap' of the screen gives different menu options
    Note... (2) The MyDrive Web Route planner will sync a route with a Max of 20 stops

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Thank you Rob_R for your help, yep this is what i used to try, put in a nice looped circuit it would then transfer to my device and totally change the route depending on what the tomtom rider was set for. I found that using gpx did in fact create a route you had planned, so maybe the garmin base camp may be an idea to check out.

    YamFazMan thanks also to your reply, very helpful indeed. I have had sat navs for quite a while now but trying to use the features of the tom tom was proving very difficult, it seemed that when you did a route on my drive, or my route on the phone or on the tom tom always give different results and quite frustrating at the same time, i can see from your workarounds you had the same issues but have worked out how to overcome these, so some very handy tips.

    I still dont really understand why it should not be as simple as create a route on your computer and then download it.

    Also thanks for the tip on waypoints being in accurate positions so you go through them, often we are out with a bunch of bikes and having to stop to resort is not very good
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    Hi @KeredH,

    If you do use BaseCamp and plan a route then load it into your TomTom the "path" will almost certainly change. Remember that a route is essentially a collection of points. Each time you open a route the "device", be that BaseCamp, MyDrive or your actual TomTom is free to decide how to "route" ie choose a path between the points. When you save the route as a GPX file you are essentially saving the points. Here is an example:

    Simple route planned in BaseCamp with routing set to "Motorcycling":


    Exactly the same thing but I changed the basecamp routing to "Driving" (Car):


    Notice how the path has changed.

    Now I exported the "route" to a GPX file and imported it to MyDrive:


    Notice that MyDrive (set to Fastest) has chosen to use the A10

    I then just click on Edit within MyDrive and the proposed route changes:


    This is because there is, at the time of clicking "Edit", a closed road on the route according to MyDrive, so it now proposes a route around it.

    I then set the departure time to August i.e. when the roadworks will no longer be there:


    Notice how it now reverts to the originally chosen (by MyDrive) route as it no longer needs to avoid the road works.

    Now if I change the settings in MyDrive to "Thrill" (with round trip turned off):


    It goes back to the other route which incidentally happens to be the same as the BaseCamp "Motorcycling" route.

    So my point is planning routes is fraught when you need to move the route from the planning tool, which has it's own settings and routing engine, to a device which will most likely have different settings and, if from a different manufacturer, a different map and routing engine. Even devices from the same manufacturer have different settings.

    Just to complicate it I found, whilst doing this, that a "Route" exported from BaseCamp, to a GPX file still gets imported into my TomTom Rider 550 as a track if I directly import via an SD card and does not necessarily follow the same path as I planned.

    What always works is to export a planned route as a Track. Here is an example.

    Going back to the Basecamp planned "Driving" (car) route shown above, I first (in Basecamp) turn it into a track:


    If I export the track to a GPX file and import it into MyDrive I get this:


    Which is exactly the same! If I then sync it as a track to my Rider 550 I get this:


    Which is also exactly as planned. Notice however that it does not try to route around the closed road because it's a track and has to follow the defined path.

    I could of course just have planned it in MyDrive, forcing the route I wanted and then syncing it as a track to my Rider 550.

    So - If I want my TomTom to take me down the exact path that I planned on my planning tool, be it BaseCamp, MyDrive or even MyRoute, then I need to make sure I move it from my planning tool to my TomTom as a Track and accept that it won't make allowances for any traffic issues when I ride it.

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    No wonder i was not getting anywhere with planning routes and importing them to the device. It would appear that the main issue here is you go to the bother of creating a route and once imported it just really imports the destination and depending on what the settings of the device are on ie fastest thrill etc, depends on what route you get.

    Another thing i find strange is on the tom tom device you can use the menu to plan a thrill, however you have to click on the map rather than put a destination in. Or am i doing this wrong as well.

    Thanks for your input guys, i have learned a lot on how to get round the system and actually get the route you plan
  • KeredH
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    Thanks again to the two of you for your generous time taken to help me, i am sure this will also help others. I certainly have lots to check out.

    On the last point Rob, i can confirm that the plan a thrill option does have the same 3 dots on the rider 400, that will make life on the hop a lot easier. I will also be trying all the different options that both of you have suggested to see which works the best.

    really appreciate your help on this matter

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    You can still use Tyre without paying, uninstall the latest version then find version 7 on your browser, download it and away you go ! Do not update it when asked or you will be back where you started.
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    Tyre is free now. You have to use your own Google API key.

    More info;

    TyreToTravel does not exist anymore.
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    I am using an older version of Tyre with no API key and it's still available for download from other sources than Tyre. I have been using it today.
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    Old version not using Google maps so no need for API key.
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    Hi Poppo, that's the bit i like with Tyre because of goggle maps, on street view you could actually do the route as such but now you need a key which is a shame
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    They dit split up.

    The original developer made Tyre free again. (with your own (free) API Key)
    More info;

    And the commercial part Type Pro (TyreToTravel) stopped but still continues with MyRoute-App.

    Personally I like the payed MyRoute-App Gold version. Especially comparing the route on multiple maps, overlay maps and Street View.
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    When i looked into this, to get an api key off google you had to register a debit or credit card although there was no payment taken, seemed a bit suspect to me. I also use google analytics for website admin so did not want the risk of accessing something and ending up paying for it.
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    Yes they will bill you for use of their API however they also give you a $200 credit each month

    So if it's only you or you are doing development work then it's effectively free. I assume that they just want to make sure if someone builds some commercial app using their services, thereby generating a huge load on their servers, they get some recompense for it.
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    I had to run Tyre too much time, I was in the v7.0: