How to plan a route with dirt roads on Tom Tom Rider?

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Does anyone know how to plan a dirt road route for Tom Tom Rider? I would like the navigation to avoid asphalt roads. Is it possible? It would be best to have this type in route types, but there is no such thing.


  • Ste7ios
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    If you mean off-road, no it’s not supported.
  • KSD
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    I don't mean a typical off-road. Tom Tom has dirt roads in his database and he recognizes them. When planning, we may receive information that the route includes dirt roads, then we can enable bypassing these roads. I would like to have the option of preferring these roads (bypassing asphlat roads as more as possible). There is probably no such option at the moment. Unless someone has an idea how to turn it on?
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    The Walking and Cycling settings enable manny dirt roads that are normality not accessible.

    If you plan your route with MyDrive web the track will work 99% of the time.