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I have seen a lot of questions about updates not working but none of them seen to fit with my exact situation. I have TomTom Home on a Mac running Mojave. My TT Home opens and says the following: "A new version of TomTom HOME is available:
It is a critical update for the version you are currently using:"

I have tried updating and it says it works, but then it opens back up and say exactly the same thing again. This has happened about 10 times. I uninstalled the app and then downloaded it again but still the same problem. Now it won't even let me uninstall the app anymore.

I don't know much about computers so if anyone can help me with an easy fix or some information that would be super!

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    Thank you! This fixed everything =)
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    Hi Vikramk,
    I have exactly the same problem
    I also saw your explanations dated 19 december 2019 and i tried to replicate this solution fot MOJAVE and i installed Version 8 of JAVA (build 1.8.0_152-b16).
    I removed completely Tomtom Home and installed the version with your link

    I still have the same problem Tomtom saying " -SORRY IT'S IN FRENCH and see the image joined)
    * Échec
    * Impossible de terminer l’installation, toutes les
    * conditions requises n’étant pas remplies.

    That means (approximatively sorry) :
    * Failure
    * Unable to complete the installation, all
    * required conditions are not been met.

    « We have no problem with installing TomTom Home software on MAC at this time. Please check your Mac settings ».
    I asked APPLE SUPPORT who verified all the parameters and no mistake was found.
    Is it possible that the latest installation of TOMTOM HOME require a security parameter for JAVA ? Or is there another problem ?
    Please can you help me ?