They Need to Work on the WEB MyDrive Version.

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Just tried the WEB version of the TomTom route planner. First problem, some lemon put the "Feedback" tab right over the the map "+" Zoom button. Duh! the only way to to zoom in is to double click but this has mixed affects.

Similar spaghetti problems as I had using the MyDrive App on my mobile. All too quickly I find the bloody thing insists on its route and REQUIRES me to go the absolute fastest route and when I try dragging I get limited success followed shortly after with a a whole load of off-his-route to my drag points then at the next opportunity for a U-turn I back track on to the original route.

All this coupled with a poor thought out screen layout preventing zooming I remain unimpressed. I also got to provide loads of feedback while trying to get to the "+" screen zoom feature. Clearly, whenever asked for feedback I try my best.

Am I expecting too much?

Clearly YES.

Feature Request: Move the WEB screen "Zoom-In" thingy OR move the "Feedback" Tab.
Clearly yet another example of not testing the kit properly.


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    Hi @TigerRider

    Sorry about the late reply.

    A similar feedback regarding the zoom button and the feedback tab has been passed on before. I will just add your topic link to the existing chain of conversation.

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    @VikramK, thank you and no problem with the late reply.

    If you could just add a navigation feature for "No Crappy Little Roads" and maybe "Intelligent Routes OFF" mode I'll add you to the top of my list of Heros.

    Thank you.