How can I update my Western Europe map on my VIA 62?

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Last week I bought a VIA 62 (EJxxxxxx) with LifeTime Maps Western Europe map and 3 months of Flash Updates and an 8Gb Micro-SD card. I updated it via "MyDrive Connect" on my Computer. Now when I look through that program in "My System" it says "Your system is up to date". When I then look at "My Content" I see that Flash updates is indeed up to date, however that the map version of Western Europe is not v10.45 (the most recent), but v10.30 (one on 04 / 2019 released version, which is 13 months old). The only option I currently have in "MyDrive Connect" is to buy that newer version map, despite the LifeTime Maps option.

How can I update my map to the latest version, or can I already throw my 2 week old TomTom in the trash?

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    You beat me to it Vikram =)
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    And that last update was miraculously released today and I immediately downloaded it.
    Thanx, Vikram (and Doug).

    Can we finally try it out (to the extent of course because of Corona)

    Greetz, Ron

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