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in the "profile" settings, there is a "Voice" option, where I can Select the language of the messages. The clock say (in my headphones) "ready to go", for example.
So, there are voice messages in the headphones.

I am quite sure that my clock have told me the global distance, the global time, and the lap pace of each lap (1km in default options, 0,5km in my options) and now only buzz and show the pace in the display.

I have dream about it? or is something that I have change in the configuration?



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    Voice coaching is only available in specific training modes, not in general across the watch. You will get the following prompts:

    General prompts: Watch ready, Demo mode, Bluetooth not working when swimming.
    Training Partner prompts:
    Zone: in zone, above zone, below zone.
    Goal: at 50%, 90% 100% and 110% of goal.
    Race: ahead, behind, lost, won.

    Unless you are in Zone, Goal or Race you will not get any prompts. In lap mode it will buzz to inform you of a completed lap and show the lap time on the watch but there are no audio prompts for it.
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    I would sure....but obviusly I am wrong