My GO 510 won't connect to my laptop for longer than about minute

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I recently tried to update maps in my GO 510 but it won't connect for more than minute and i have to unplug it and connect it again to get it working for another minute.
I use original USB cable connected directly to laptop
This also coused that my device is basicly useles until the update finishes which could take even days with this behavior.



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    Welcome to the site....
    Re "Download/installation interrupted".....
    Are your USB ports set for power saving "USB Selective Suspend"

    Win7 See...

    Win10 See…
    Click on link and scroll down to "Turn Off USB Selective Suspend"

    Also turn off any Screen savers any other Power savers or USB port monitoring software installed

    Random Disconnects on Surface Pro 3 & 4
    Do you have or have access to a 'Surface Dock', if so plug your device into a USB port on that. Others have found that to work

    On the Win10 tablets, Microsoft has hidden the "USB Selective Suspend" menu... You will need to edit the Registry before the USB Selective Suspend menu will display (See Note... (4) below)

    Laptop users also see Note (1) (2) (3) & (4)
    Note... (1) My Linx 10/10 Win10 Tablet is exactly the same... I had to edit the Registry to activate the advanced setting in the Power Menu

    kt9idp9azgzl.jpgNote...(2) Recently a User with a Dell XPS 9360 Laptop also exactly the same problem ... he also had to edit the Registry to activate the advanced setting in the Power Menu

    Note... (3) Thanks User 333....
    (Quote)... Just had a similar problem with new Dell XPS 13 7390 (running Windows 10) which only comes with USB-C port. Found that I was able to update my TomTom Via 225 (using a supplied USB-C to USB-3 cable/hub) only after changing this setting in Windows 10:
    Settings - Device - USB - Un-tick this box: 'Stop devices when my screen is off to help save battery'
    If you're having problems with connected devices, clear the check-box (End Quote)

    Note... (4) Editing the Registry...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @YamFazMan,

    went through all your suggestions but unfortunately non of them worked for me.
    As for the USB Selective Suspend, i don't see this option even after using the command line to disable this
    And for the registry edit, i get to the described folder but the option which i have to edit is not there

    The laptop I'm using is HP Envy X360 running Win10 (version 2004-build 19041.264)