No Maps found On Carminat

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Hi all. Seeking some help and advise. I have a Megane TomTom coupe 2010. Recently purchased it, and seller has sent me a sd card for maps. Plugged it in and it still says no maps found. Connected to pc and connected to TomTom home. It automatically updated. Plugged back into car and it seemed to upload, but screen confirmed and returned to radio and said no maps found.

On pc shows “Items on device” maps:-Europe shows.

Hope someone can help. Even if it’s a case of ordering my own card from TomTom/Renault.


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    Hi @Gavin-Hemmings

    Let’s see if @VikramK can sort you out tomorrow. Have a look back then.

  • VikramK
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    Hi @Gavin-Hemmings

    Welcome to the community!
    Could you connect the device to TomTom HOME and check for map updates now?
    A fresh map of Europe should be offered for download.