Steps not synchronising on Tom Tom Connect/heart rate monitor

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I have a TomTom Spark 3 cardio and have connected it to my computer for the first time for some weeks. My recent activities have all synchronised, but not my steps for today or for the week. Do I need to do something to do this?I don't recall it being a problem before.

Another couple of questions - has anyone found a work-round the fact that this will not measure lengths in small swimming pools (mine is 11 metres)?

And how accurate have others found the heart-rate monitor? I was getting worried that at a slow jog I was sometimes up to 170 bpm, but a test with an ECG from my GP's surgery showed that the actual rate was some way below 150 bpm.

Thank you for your help.


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    iThanks for your help. I have done what you suggest twice to record my steps, but still have no steps recorded on TomTom Connect. However when I press the "Turn Off" button and disconnect the watch, the screen does not go dead.

    Thanks for the HR advice. It hadn't occurred to me to change wrists, so I will try that, and then also perhaps rotate the watch next time I run.