speed camera update

mark49 Registered Users Posts: 13
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just recently purchased speed camera update but have not received mydrive download for device
admitterly my speed camera update runs out this month
will new update carry on after the original update expires?

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  • VikramK
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    Hi Mark
    Just reviewed your account and I can confirm that the service for Speed Cameras updates you ordered in March 2020 is active.
    Have you recently ordered another subscription? I will need the order number and if you could send me that through a PM?

  • boljak
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    I am an active contributor on reporting speed and red light camera in the New York City area. I drive 8 hours or more per day as a professional driver. I drive all over the 5 boroughs of the city. And then I have to pay subscription for the same data I have provided to them. Tomtom should at least give free subscription for active contributors like me as a sign of appreciation.