Size of Europe maps for GO 500

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When on My Drive Connect all the Europe maps listed as available seem to be modified to make them small enough to fit on my device; however, I have a large SD card fitted that would take the full Europe map but can't find this to select, it seems any map selection has to be below the about 7.5GB to go on the device.

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  • Lucify
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    What size SD card did you insert? 16GB class 10 is the preferred choice.
    When inserted the device should offer you the option to format. Once formatted on the device it will also be listed in mydrive connect.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @PaulMac53

    If you have a map on the GO500 and can Start the device normally when you have taken the SD card out then l would consider the following.

    Firstly what make of card is it because whilst Sandisk, Samsung and other major makes of Micro SD Class 10 cards work some of the lesser known makes have been known to be problematic in TT units as have some from less reliable sources which have been found to be fake..

    You could take the card out and format it in your PC. You should do a full format to Fat32 and not a quick format. then put it back in the unit and format it there for maps.

    If that does not work then I would consider another card. size 16gb or maximum 32gb.

    The devices operating software and My Drive connect will select the extra memory card if the new map is too large to fit on the internal memory alongside the operating software.

  • PaulMac53
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    Hi thanks for the replies; the SD card card I have installed is recognised by the device and My Drive Connect and is large enough to take the largest maps. i have both UK & Europe and USA installed on the card. However, the maps offered to install or update are always seemingly restricted in size to fit the actual devices memory of 8GB. I cannot choose a Europe map including buildings in all countries for example - if it is offered as I don't see it as it must be bigger than 8GB if available.