Pro 5150 connection to mydrive.

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I have owned a pro5150 for 8+ years, it is used almost daily and updated regularly.
The last few times I have tried to update it will not connect to the computer. Whenever I updated before there was a little icon of a computer on the tomtom screen, this no longer appears and on mydrive screen it just says "device not connected".
Any help would be appreciated.
I have tried with 3 different cables and also 2 laptops. Both laptops have been used to update before with no problems.


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @southernsmoggy

    Look at the link below, maybe it could help you. First do a "Soft Reset" to force the driver auto-detection by your PC.
    Think to use a PC user account with "Administrator Rights" for all your changes for MDC or the TomTom driver.

  • southernsmoggy
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    Thanks for the reply LAURE123, tried all that but there are no devices showing of any relevance to TomTom.
    I am thinking it is a hardware problem with the device, maybe just worn out socket on the bottom. Probably time to replace the unit. Had a good few years of constant use with few problems so cannot really complain.
    With the problem of not being able to connect to the computer, is there any possibility of getting my favourites and poi's transferred ? I am thinking not.