TomTom Rider 550 and Siri

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I'm using Tomtom Rider 550, iPhone X (ios 13), and Sena20S
In the user manuel it says I can get directions via Siri directly to Tomtom. Is this correct?
How can I do this?

I tried to tap the little phone icon on my Rider 550 screen. This activates Siri and from my Sena 20S I can say my command. But nothing happens. But Siri works. I can play music, call someone, etc.

When I'm on the road and had some planned route on my Rider 550, and to get some directions to the gas station without using the Rider 550 or phone, just by taping the phone icon and talking, how can i do this?


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    The phone icon just opens the Siri connection between your phone and the headset.

    So it is possible to dictate for example a song that you want to play or dictate a WhatsApp message but there are no "TomTom navigation commands" added to your phone.
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    Hii RoadRider. As i have explained before is tat i press the voice button which brings up a message saying words to the effect of speak after the tone, but a tone never happens.

    Dont know what else to say, apart from i have followed all the steps and paired everything correctly but still nothing happens.....

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    With my headset the phone icon on my Rider does the same as the phone button on my headset. The Siri instructions are the same as on your iPhone.

    Try first to get voice instructions working using just the headset and your iPhone.

    Currently the connection between the Rider and the iPhone is not always stable after the latest iOS updates. I expect TomTom will release a firmware update to solve this issue.
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    Hi @RoadRider

    By posting here he has given the impression he has an IPhone. On another post he says he has a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.