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Trying to respond to an e-mail from customer support sent from [email protected] but when I send I get a reply saying tomtom doesn't respond to this address.

My contact was Rakesh & the Incident number was 200302-002671

Does anyone know how I can get back in contact with customer service by e-mail.

My message was:


In Feb I ordered & paid for a years speed cameras.

This was initially shown on my account as just 6 months so I contacted you about this.

On 7th March: Rakesh e-mailed me to confirm that there had been an error which he had rectified & he confirmed:

"Your speed camera subscription will be valid to 29/02/2021"

I assumed that all would be well until I looked at my Barclaycard transactions yesterday & saw a deduction by Tom Tom of £2.99 which I was unaware of.

Can you please advise why this has been taken & organise a refund as I am unaware that I owe you any monies.


Mike Pitt

Can someone please forward this to customer service as the tom tom wed site won't tell me how to do this.

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