What is the point of the Map share service

Mr Angry
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I have sent in photos Pictures etc about a major issue in my local town. TomTom just say its fixed on the map share site but they dont make the changes.
we have a larger RB in Crawley which has been a RB for 40 years but TomTom does not see it as a Roundabout. I Keep telling them but they just dont update the system.
what is the point of this service.
i cant even find a E-Mail address to contact them.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Mr Angry

    Changes accepted as a result of Map Share reports can take as much as 9 months to appear in the maps.

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    I always thought the original concept of the Map Share reporting was the best, where you were allowed to to make instant local changes to your individual devices, that were that were not shared automatically with the community....
    Then in the setting menus you had the option (With a disclaimer) choose to accept the unverified Map Share reporting or only use the Map Share reporting verified by Tomtom
    A bit like the Waze App

    But shortly after the launch of the NAV4 GO 5000 Tomtom changed policy an only allowing Map Share reporting verified by Tomtom....