Renewed navigation app in March; app says my account not renewed.

Jstech Registered Users Posts: 2
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Have receipt. App will not function nor will let me Terence, or redownload. Have been using app for at least 6 years.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Jstech

    Welcome to the Community! With the new GO Navigation app, subscriptions are handled by Apple. So please get in touch with them and they'll be able to assist you further with any subscription related queries.

    Regards, lampard

  • Jstech
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    I contacted Apple. Apple sent me to tomtom . Tomtom told me to delete app; reinstall app; lost all my settings; but app seems to be working again and subscription seems to be ok- until next time.
  • mortisha2001
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    Same exact thing had happened to me.
    Contacted Apple who sent me to TomTom.
    I’ve over 3 years minimum of a subscription that’s just vanished?!?! Not ON!!! 😡