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So I seen that Eircodes aren't supported. But the Eircode website said they are currently. https://www.eircode.ie/news/2018/02/16/eircode-integrated-into-tomtom-maps

That is the sole reason I bought the sat nav, so as of December 2019, are Eircodes supported?

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    Thanks, will be returning this then. Appreciate the response wasn't sure of the dates as July 1, could be as far back as 2015. Absolutely bonkers that it isn't supported.
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    Jan 2020 and still no eircode support!!!!
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    April 2020 and still no eircode support!!!! Scandalous.
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    Is there any date set when TomTom will support Eircode?
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    Hi @Edmundo7

    Eirecodes are supported on the new devices that use the NTS maps which includes the Go Navigation App.

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    Hi all,

    Response from EirCode


    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for contacting Eircode.
    We are sorry to hear about the third-party recognition issues you are experiencing with Eircodes not being recognised on TomTom Go professional 6200.

    To confirm we are responsible for assigning Eircodes to existing and active postal addresses contained in the database provided to us quarterly by our data source provider An Post GeoDirectory, a subsidiary of An Post.
    The third-party recognition issues being experienced is not an Eircode issue or unfortunately one we can resolve directly for you. The only people who can put it right are the respective third parties themselves who simply need to update the Eircode data on their systems.

    When we release data each quarter (including new Eircodes), the first update goes to the online Eircode Finder tool, at that stage, the Eircode is live and active.
    We then create and provide updated data to licensed end users, this can either be directly to the end user or to their contracted data provider. In both cases the timing around integrating the fresh data within the end user’s system is entirely an operational decision for those parties. The address as displayed on Eircode Finder is the address provided to licensed end users.
    It is then up to each entity, to apply and integrate the Eircode updates into their business systems to meet their own business and customer’s needs.
    TomTom have integrated Eircodes into their map of Ireland but does not confirm inclusion in PNA's (personal navigation devices).

    We would recommend to contact TomTom directly as they can confirm if and when Eircodes will be recognized on TomTom Go professional 6200.

    We hope you find this information useful and would like to thank you again for contacting Eircode.