Anyway to adjust excessive calories when cycling

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Out yesterday did 2 1/2 hours cycling approx 24 miles 10mph approx 900 ft ascent ave heart rate 88 wasn't a difficult ride done at leisurely pace my calorie count was 4500 impossible, on my mapmyfitness app calorie count was 1250


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    For cycling, it is using MET tables not HR so your heart rate is irrelevant. MET tables are scientifically tabulated tables of energy expenditure for a specific activity at varying paces. It uses the MET factor along with your personal stats to come up with an energy expenditure number. Depending on where you fall within the average used to compile the tables it may or may not match you exactly. And since it is not looking at HR it has no way of knowing if your level of effort was beyond what is typical at a given pace, which is what the METs are based on. If you use freestyle mode it will calculate calories based on HR which may be more accurate. In the specific case above, even based on METs this seems high. Are all your personal stats (height, weight, etc. correct)?
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    Double checked and all my personal data is correct, 1800 cals/hr I'm just not capable of that