Possible to make new "TomTom Navigation" app display suburb name?

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I live in Sydney and have used the older 'tomtom go" app for years, recently installed the newer NDS app to try it and I think it works well only real downsides I found are search takes a lot longer display results compared to GO (it has a lot more results for businesses and things like that) but the main annoyance is that if I search for example "Macquarie Road Paramatta" I get a long list of results that show

Macquarie Road Sydney XXXX (xxxx is post code)

The old tomtom GO app would show the one and only result for that road and suburb instead of a huge list of every macquarie road for the whole of sydney

Granted the few times using the app in testing the top result has been the one searched for but if I accidentally misspell the suburb, or put "street" instead of "road" it shows wrong results at the top and knowing that suburb is not displayed means I always feel I have to check if it's the right one making it more painful and less intuitive to use.

TLDR; Removing the suburb name completely has made the app painful since I feel like I have to double check everything and might as well just keep running old GO version that works fine for years and only ever shows the single result I search for.

Does anyone know if I can make the new app show suburb name or where I can request for this 'feature' to be added?



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    Hi @No5

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about my late reply! This option is not available on the GO Navigation App but I'll add this as a feature request for the product team.

    Perhaps as an alternative, you can select the option 'In town or city' instead of whole map to use it as the centre for your search. This will surely shorten the suggestion for you on the list.

    Regards, lampard