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My TOMTOM MULTISPORT CARDIO 1 WATCH , battled to find GPS(satellite) for about 25 minutes !. I started my warm up at about 04:40 South African time today and after selecting "run" it kept of saying please wait . This is did so for about 15 minutes unusually long until I decided to run without picking up a GPS.
It still read "please wait" during my run and it switched off after about 10 minutes and I turned it on again . It only picked up a GPS after 20 -30 minutes after I had ran 5 KM . It has done this before but as a norm it takes me on average 2 minutes for it to pick up a "GPS". I had done an update on my MACBOOK on 11 April 2020 .
2. Also please tell me why my watch would at times show hands randomly on the screen ?
Please please help


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    Hi , my TOM TOM MULTISPORT CARDIO 1 watch failed to pick up a GPS today for the first 20-25 minutes of my run . It only picked up the GPS after I had completed the about 5KM of my run - how do I solve this frustrating problem which happens -albeit occasionally?
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    Hi @Nqobi

    Welcome to the Community! I would advise you to make a power-off reset on your watch followed by a factory reset using the Sports Connect software. Once you do this, please give it a test run under the open sky and see if it helps. (It might take a bit longer to get a GPS signal after a factory reset)

    Regards, lampard