Mydrive doesn't sync to Go Mobile 1.18.1

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I've been using Go mobile for about two years now and made my parents get it too last summer. My device has been updated to the new beta version 2.0.7 and therefore doesn't have the mydrive sync anymore. I can live with that in the name of progression (even though its taking way too long TT >:C ) and simply had my parents cite directions whenever I was riding in front.

But as of yesterday my mother's Mobile Go on 1.18.1 started misbehaving by closing the app whenever she wanted to access 'My routes' in the menu. We've been able to resolve this issue by completely reinstalling the app (yes it's still 1.18.1), but now her routes don't sync back to 'My routes' in the Mobile Go app, where they did before.

Even though corona is an issue for most countries now, in The Netherlands we're still allowed to go out and ride our motorcycles, which was great fun for my mom as she loves planning routes for us to ride. But now that she can't sync them anymore, I had to stop her from throwing it across the room.

Has there been some sneak update disabling this sync feature or did something break? Any help is appreciated! <3

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    I have to admit I didn't check that no. I can't remember ever switching that on initially but it doesn't matter. Thank you very much for this simple solution. Let's hope it doesn't start crashinga gain :smiley: