MyDrive can't load a GPX file, Rider 450 can but with a mistake

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Hi everyone

I'm fighting with my TomTom Rider 450 and a specific GPX file.

I have a GPX file that I can't upload to MyDrive, it says something about an error and this file. I managed to get it uploaded to the Rider 450 but it rendered the route 3 time longer and very weirdly.
This file is from the Danish Agency of Nature (sorry my translation but I meant official source) and I can load this track perfectly in GPS Master app

Link to the GPX

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  • speedster.max
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    What I want to ask, is there a place where I can find out what is wrong with the GPX file? Or is it mydrive?
  • RoadRider
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    Hi @danielforniestomtom

    Would it be possible to support Track segment a little bit different than your proposal above?

    I am thinking about the following approach;

    When a Track is loaded with multiple track segments ask the User which segment to activate when he hits Drive. (and default the segment with the closest Starting point)
    At the end of a track segment inform the driver the segment has ended.
    Ask if he wants to Pause, Stop or Continue and make Continue default with a timer (Just like the timer at power loss)

    This way we can use track segments also as Stops. Manny people miss a popper Lunch Stop or Tank Stop option using tracks on their TomTom Rider.
    Personally, I also think this makes track segments also easier to understand for most users than splitting them into separate tracks.

    (I already started an experiment once to convert route-points with “Stop” in their name placed in the route section of a .GPX file automatically into track segments in the track section. (Using the nearest track-point in a radius) (and the same option for POI's because there often used as Stop indicator in Garmin Routes) This worked in several apps including MyDrive Web. Sadly, the TomTom Rider converts all track segments back in to one track when the track is loaded. So, I stopped this experiment.)

    I agree with you that in this example with unconnected track segments it would be better to convert them to separate tracks and even separate GPX files. But even with this files my approach will still be easy to work with.
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    Using routeplanner and connect to Rider with orig. USB cable. ( will not transferd files)
    Second... Place my GPX files on SD card, and mount it on device.
    1. Rider can not read files direct from SD card, need to copy to rider.
    2. When copy is done, the track will show double up! ( as to routes with same name !)

  • RoadRider
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    Both a Track and a Route version (also converted to a Track) is normal. Most route planners save both a route and a track in a .GPX file. Your TomTom Rider reads them and imports them as Track.
    Always use the track version. (One conversion less)

    When you do not like the route version to be imported you can use “Keep Track” to remover routes in a .GPX file.