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Long story short. My old 6250 died a death last week and rather than having to wait to send it off for repair, then wait for its return I've bought a new 6250.
I've set up a new email account to manage the new device.
Question is how do I link the device to my email address so I can update to the latest Europe Truck map? The map on the device is v1030 and I believe the latest version is 1045(?)
Thanks for any help received.

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  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,733
    Welcome to the site....
    You can of use the same Email & Password as your old device on both devices
    You can have up to 10 devices on the same Email & Password

    BUT if both devices are in use at the same time there can be a problem

    Quote from a previous post...
    firefox wrote: »
    as logistics manager i have all the tomtom's set up on my laptop under one account, recently i have noticed that if i get in my car my tomtom will set a destination that another driver is going to automatically even though he is using a different tomtom.
    can anyone advise why this is please?
    The problem is easily overcome
    By Logging out of MyDrive on your devices
    When you need to sync a route file, log back into MyDrive on the device/s you wish to sync the data
    I use this method with eight devices... After all, you only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address

    If you're not happy logging in/out of MyDrive on the devices, you will need to set up a MyDrive account with different Email and password for each device... the downside is you will need to set up and maintain multiple MyDrive (Web) Route planner accounts for any MyPlaces, POI's and Routes you wish to sync to each individual device

    Note... If you are restricted to only having one email address
    You can use a false email address like
    [email protected] But when using a false email and choosing what goes into 'Anything_Goes_Here' be careful
    Make sure its not someone's real email address, or they will receive all of your contact emails from Tomtom

    I maintain three NAV4 devices Start 60, GO 5000, Rider 400 and five NAV5 (Wifi) GO 520, 620, 6200, Premium & Rider 550 by simply logging in/out of MyDrive
    I use a single password across all the devices... You only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address
    Most of the time on the individual devices I am out logged of MyDrive and only log in to sync data as required, then log out again

    NAV4.................. Tap (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services --> MyDrive... Stop Syncing
    NAV(5)+Wifi)... Tap (.... Menu) --> Setting --> MyDrive... Stop Syncing

    Logging out of MyDrive on the device does not stop the device receiving Tomtom Traffic and live services info

    The above does not work in the USA the Live Traffic system is different to UK/Europe

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