no speed cameras are shown on the map

Monivitamiinipore Registered Users Posts: 1
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why don't I see any speed cameras on the map?

in the past it was easy to look at a map where there are cameras and I knew on those roads to open this app.
now I have to keep the app running unnecessarily on unfamiliar roads all the time or the app goes unopened and the cameras go unnoticed.


  • lampard
    lampard Retired TomTom Employee Posts: 6,075 Retired Community Moderators and Admins
    Hi @Monivitamiinipore

    Welcome to the Community! Unfortunately, it's not available with the AmiGO App to see the overview of the speed camera's in your region as the old speed camera app. I'll log this as feedback for our product team.

    Thanks, lampard