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Hi All,

We've launched new Road Trips functionality (uploading of community routes) on MyDrive Web, App and TomTom website. With this new feature, there'll be a community of these Road Trips wherein you'll be able to publish and share your own trip with fellow travelers in the community! After publishing, your route will become available on the TomTom Road Trips website. See the below screenshots to have a quick look:

Creating your own road-trip on MyDrive Web or App with personalized title, picture, description and tags:

Publish your Road Trip (toggle in the menu) and share your trip with fellow travelers in the community! After publishing, your Road Trip will become available on the TomTom Road Trips website:

Share your route with friend and famility via Facebook, Twitter or email:

Make your route even better by adding scenic segments to your trip. Simply drag and drop your route on top of the scenic segments (visualized in green) on the map and you’re ready to go!

The TomTom Road Trips website let you browse, filter and explore hundreds of routes from fellow Travelers and routes created by TomTom. Rate the ones you like or start personalizing them your way in MyDrive Web.

Routes near you:

Filtering of routes on region and/or category:

Detailed routes page:

You can check them out in the link here: Discover the most amazing roads

If you've any questions or feedback, feel free to shoot them here in the comments! :)

Cheers, lampard


  • Harmvanveghel
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    Nice !!
  • wendell258
    wendell258 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Apprentice Traveler
    This is very nice feature! I like share my trips and know where and how other travel)
  • eye4get1956
    eye4get1956 Registered Users Posts: 7
    Master Traveler
    I live in Northern Thailand, a destination for 1000's of motorcyclists each year. The map coverage is poor. Labels are all in Thai and many of the actually scenic roads aren't showing on the maps.
  • Transceiver
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    Very nice feature.... i used it a lot, many good routes to find with beautiful places.

    But what about roadtrips with my android car radio ??
    it's supid to have tomtom in your car (android) and for example a tomtom 500 go on the windscreen only to make a roadtrip.
    is there a development in the make for this issue ?

    greetz and keep up the good work