GO navigation app stop play music

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Hello, when I use navigation. every time he warns me he stops my music.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Lorrdwu

    Sorry about my late reply! I think this is an indeed expected behaviour since the music fades away rather than interrupting it. Also, we don't have a setting to change that behaviour but I'll send this feedback to the product team.

    Regards, lampard

  • schneidernet
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    That's normal and I am sure intended Maybe not desirable to all but many may think otherwise. Me, I let TT use the phone's speaker and the radio use its speakers.
  • Lorrdwu
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    Hello! Thank you for your response. I would prefer it to work like in other navigations, for example Google map. in them, when the navigation warns me, the music is quieter. at tomtom the music stops. I prefer tomtom more than google map, but this bug is annoying. Regards
  • Dutch-Rider
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    It is indeed normal behaviour. But Waze has found a kind of solution for it.
    The lastest version of Waze support apps like Spotify or Tune-in to play directly within Waze.
    The music is interrupted by the spoken directions. But it resumes automaticly when the spoken directions are done
  • Lorrdwu
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    this is strange to me and i didn't understand why tomtom hasn't done it yet. I tried to use the Waze, but this navigation is not for me. maybe I will try again.
  • Astur48
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    In my radio android when I use the TomTom stops the music to give instructions and does not return. It could be arranged to be able to use it?. It is very annoying and I am using the Sigyc that does. Thanks