Continuous failure to connect to my TomTom start 25 device

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Window 10 Version 1909 OS build 18363.720

I have tried connection on all usb ports (2.0 and 3.0) - all fail to connect
All of these ports are in daily use and have exhibited NO problems.

I have had this problem ever since I purchased the Tom Tom device.
Occasionally it does connect then tels me that the download will take 102 HOURS to download. This value decreases but on experience it takes about 4 hours to download. After that it takes another hour or so to install!
This is quite unacceptable.
I regularly download large files including ISOs and mobile phone data in far less time, (Minutes).

No wonder Tom Tom is losing business to the mobile phone GPS apps.

It's time TomTom handed over their networking functions to professionals who would analyse the existing distribution setup and provide a reliable, fast and professional service.