Map deleted whilst adjusting to smaller map - Brought today, now no map???

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I purchased a Start 52 whihc includes lifetime maps EU - however whilst adjusting the map to a smaller version of it (just western Europe), the map update was stopped halfway by an error and now my maps are all gone.

I need this sorting asap due to myself being a new driver relying on this satnav.


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    Depending if you have a 8GB or 16GB Start 52 ???

    If your NAV4 Start 52 Device has 8GB of On-Board Memory... The Full Europe map size is now 9GB+ and exceeds the device memory, you will need to install a 16GB or 32GB (Max size) Class10 Micro SDHC Memory card....
    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday and check for any live Map subscriptions and if required will allocate a small Map to act as a keeper
    Important See Catch22...
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    Hi @Markian1

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    I reviewed your account and found that there are no subscription for active maps.

    I have asked the team to make some changes in the backend to fix this. Additionally, I have added a smaller map of UK and ROI. Try installing the UK and ROI map onto the internal memory of the device.

    A small map will get your device up and running. You can then install the Europe map which is active for the device now.