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there is an update for the maps and takes forever to download it. one hour and is only at 7 %
I'm on wifi and I have 200 Mbps download and yes, tested the internet speed and is working very well.
can I download the map on my computer? and after that copy into the phone?
thank you


  • lampard
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    Hi @brusualex

    Sorry for my late reply! I hope the map download was successful. You can only download the maps on the phone within the App itself. Let us know if you find the same behavior with the next map release.

    Thanks, lampard

  • schneidernet
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    It is slower compared to before. I have 1gb fiber so that is not an issue. The U.S. is about 11gb and takes me about an hour. That said, it is better than before as the download completes without any stalls and you can poke all 57 times without it balking.

    I am more inclined to think the server is just busy or the on ramp is congested.
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    (Snip) The U.S. (Map) is about 11gb (Snip)
    Wow 11GB... Is that a typo ???
    Edit... Just updated the US Map 10.6GB :o

  • schneidernet
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    Yep. It's a doozy. And, I haven't a clue why.