tomtom 6100 frozen

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after updateing my tomtom 6100 my unit freezes with the message no maps found ive followed some instructions on how to reboot the unit still sticks with the same message no maps found tried the other sugestion deleat all from folder and redownload but still getting nowhere same message everytime can any help me i have a 300 mile jurney tomorrow morning so need it working fast thanks paul

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    hi doug thank you at the moment ive formated the micro card on my sons sat nav and trying to download again about 15 time in the last 24 hours it will download then start to install then fail and as i said the unit is frozen at no maps found so WHEN??? it fails this time i will try what you have said to try many thanks i will defenetly try yours out as soon as this atemp FAILS
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    Hi @POGZY

    I am not sure but I think you will find that the card has to be formatted on the Device it is going to be used on. If I am correct then you will have to reformat it to Fat32 in your PC before using.

    The thing to do is to follow the No Maps Found video and try and load a small map then you can sort out real;oading the main map you want with an Extra memory card installed if necessary..