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Failure to find towns in SEARCH

In 2019, I noticed that my TomTom 5200 search could not find some addresses and, today, it couldn't find a complete Town! I have the full Europe map loaded. Perhaps the software updates have altered something in the way I should be searching? I have had to resort to calling up the entire map and zooming in to a place with internet guidance by Google maps on my iPad then choosing a location!


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,211
    Hi @Teledave

    What town is missing?

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,619

    Are you using Quick search (Default & the best) or the Awful Step by Step search option ???

    Check if the the Step by Step search mode has been selected...
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> Choose a search mode... Select the far superior 'Quick search' option....

    What town is missing? Is it possible to give some examples ???

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