Is it possible to send a location to someone else?

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Can I send a saved location on the satnav to someone else, eg via email?


  • Lochfrass
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    Sorry, its not possible for the Via 52
    also not with MyDrive
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    Hi @Northernlad101

    You might find the Mapcode App useful for this. You can search within the App or in map view, using the Hybrid map setting, using a satellite map that looks like Google Earth. When you find what you are looking for you are given an Address, the Long/Lat and the Mapcode for the position you are looking for. If you send the Mapcode to another Tomtom device unit they can input that in the device in Search and get a route to that exact spot.

    Mapcodes are capable of identifying a Parking Space in a Car park so for example if you enter map code DH.FX you will get directed to the middle gate at the front of Buckingham Palace. Mapcodes work worldwide you just need to add a Country code so if you enter FRA DH.FX takes you to the relevant mapcode position in France.

    I find Mapcodes very useful in rural areas as they are much more precise than Postcodes there.