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Good afternoon: I have a tomtom go 5000. I can not turn it on and, if I ever get it, it turns off immediately even having it connected to the car charger or computer. Sometimes a message that says "empty battery" appears on the screen before anyone can tell me what the fault is and what is the approximate amount of the repair?

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    try to change the battery at a local repair center. official cost of repair can be found on this page
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    I had the same problem after the Go5000 was hard wired into my car. I found that if I just left the car after switching off the engine the Satnav seemed discharged as you describe.

    1). Who the car is switched off the electrics switched off so the Satnav went to sleep - it was not charging but was actually discharging for a time.
    2). There was not enough current coming from the car to fully charge the Satnav whilst driving (I don't think).
    3). The way to charge the Satnav was to take it out of the car and recharge in the house.

    I don't know if replacing the battery would have overcome this or whether if it were hard wired to another circuit in the car it would have enough current to charge up.