Misplaced Threads

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Am I misunderstanding the page layout but there appears to be a column containing the latest thread in that section on each index page. However, at the time of writing, this thread appears alongside Welcome and Support on the Home page
However clicking on it takes you to the thread which is actually to be found in Navigation devices › MyDrive Connect
Is it my misunderstanding or is the autoselection a bit flaky


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @tonygr

    The threads can change category (forum submenu). Only official forum moderators can do this action.
    This in order to classify the thread in a more relevant category in relation to the theme mentioned. Thus the question and its possible answers are easily found by all and can be useful to all users.

    In principle, questions on specific technical subjects or problems do not remain in "Welcome and Support". But this is not an absolute rule.

  • tonygr
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    Hi @LAURIE123, That I understand. However what I would expect to see when looking at the home page was the most recent thread showing against, for example, Home>Welcome and Support to be a thread in that sub forum and not a thread from Home>Navigation devices › MyDrive Connect. The moment I posted this thread it, of course, got listed in place of the one I was seeing so the issue could no longer be seen