No route available because of closed road.

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Hi there,
It is helpfull that people can report a closed road so Tomtom wouldn't navigate trough that street.
But if the street happens to be your saved/favorite/often used destination (and local traffic is allowed!), then Tomtom just says "route not possible/available" Tomtom for the moment does not give you an option to "navigate anyway" or "alternative adres closeby". At first there even wasn't a notification, only a red bar at the top with no tekst and we thought Tomtom was broke. So basically we were stuck miles away because of a road that is suposedly closed a few feet from our destination.


  • lampard
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    Hi @TomTomBart

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about my late reply! This is indeed a good suggestion and I'll add it as a feature request for my product team.

    Thanks, lampard