Installing a personal POI file

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I have been trying to load a personal POI file on to my device in the format of OV2. I have manually loaded the file and an icon file into the correct location but it does not show. It shows up on my previous device so not sure what I am doing wrong. Web site keeps telling me to import it via TomTom My Drive but it will not see my device to connect it. Any Help would be great. (Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Windows 10)

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  • RoadRider
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    The new 2.x TomTom Mobile app for Android does not support POI's (yet).

    The older 1.8x version can load POI's but is not able to show them on the map like the TomTom Devices.
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    Weird. I am able to sideload .ov2's on my phone with either 1.18.1 or 2.0.5 installed to:


    Just connect your phone to the source and Copy/Paste.

    True that they are not displayed on the map but that may be too much clutter. I just load them from My Places.