Impossible to update my device (carminat tomtom live - Renault)

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Hi everyone!

Nothing happen when I try to update my device. (carminat tomtom live)

"loading in progress ..." for hours ... (check picture below)

I tried with 2 PC's and a mac with 4 differents network connections (wired)

Any suggestions ?



  • VikramK
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    Hi @Fouzzzz

    Welcome to the community!

    This is a known problem with TomTom HOME when updating built-in devices, mostly affecting Carminat.

    The team is collecting some logs to identify the root cause. Could you please report this to our customer service.

    I have edited the image you attached to remove your email address. Avoid sharing personal or private information on a public forum.

    Thank you
  • Midstrupvej
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    The same problem, after a very long time I cancel, but now I get this:
  • Midstrupvej
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    After new installation, backingup mm it suddently worked :)