SD card is not recognised by TomTom Home

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i have built in TomTom navi in my car so i decided to buy new map through webstore and install it to brand new SD card which i just bought.

Back to the topic.
I bought brand new 16GB Kingston SD card, did format, entered it into car dashboard so it can be "initialized" by the navigation. Followed the steps from website (started navi, waited a bit, then removed SD card).
Went back to my PC, installed TomTom Home and my problem is that my PC doesnt detect the card at all.
Tested on two different PCs, with two different OS (win7 and win10), same result.
When i try insert my original Renault SD card with very old maps, tomtom home doesnt detect it aswell?!
Only change is that explorer is showing the card is full, while the "formatted and initialized" card is completely empty.

I consider myself fairly good with PC stuff, so i am quite a bit angry that simple operation like loading map into SD card is problem for days. FAQ helped a bit, but i ran out of usefull articles fairly quickly.

*Little sidenote, whole TomTom webpage is almost like a joke, multiple links leading to "page not found", clearly some webcoding issues with HTML/CSS messed up and so on, absolutely atrocious, i felit like back in 2001.Real shock.*

*Second little sidenote. Company as big as TomTom one of the leaders on the navigation market and livechat is some poor guy running google translator barely knowing what is going on (obviously didnt help me at all). Second shock*

My questions are simple? Is it known issue? Should i do anything else? Why is not even my functional old SD card detected by tomtom home?