TomTom GO App route buttons won't work in landscape mode

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hi all,

I have a ulefone android 9 rugged phone
with the Tom Tom go app installed

if I use the app in portrait mode the route knobs work fine.

but if I have the phone in landscape mode the route knobs are greyed out.

could anyone tell me how I could resolve this?


  • gsuk
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  • schneidernet
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    Your screen shots look like 1.18.1 as you have a volume bar and 2.0.5 doesn't. But then, I'm in the U. S. and may have entirely different versions. I have the older one, 1.18.1, on my phone and the limited newer release, 2.0.5, on on my tablet.

    I do not have the issue you have in either version.
  • lampard
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    Hi @gsuk

    Welcome to the Community! As schneidernet mentioned, the screenshots do look like from the old Go Mobile App. We've already received these reports for some of the phone models.

    I just want to mention that the new GO Navigation App doesn't have this anomaly and hopefully, you'll get the update soon as it's in the process of a staged rollout, meaning GO Navigation is becoming available to an incrementally larger group of users based on different quality and performance indicators.

    Regards, lampard