How to register my new tomtom rider 500

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Hello, i bought recently a tomtom rider 500, but everytime i try to register it tomtom web comes up with the get started page, and no register icon, what's going on? have someone a solution for this problem! thanks in advange.


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    Hi @shazpeter

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not exactly sure what the procedure is for a Rider 500, but the procedure I followed to register my Rider 550 went more or less like this:

    1) Create a user account at TomTom using your computer's web browser - to do this, go to and sign up there.

    2) Now connect your new Rider device to Wi-Fi (assuming it supports Wi-Fi, I know that the Rider 550 does), go to the 'Settings' page, and log into the account you created on the website with the same username and password.

    The device will remember the user name and password for future use.

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    All you need to do is log in with your TomTom account when you set up your device if you already have one, or you can create a new one on your device

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