No GPS on my GO 730 - support fix not working. Is there a solution?

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With reference to this support page:
which fixes a problem with a device not receiving a GPS signal (and I checked that my device does require this fix), the download installs version 2.11 of Tomtom Home. Once installed and Tomtom Home is launched, there is a pop-up message to say that a critical update needs to be applied. This tries to install version 2.20 (it doesn't work and I had to reinstall the app from www.tomtom/home to reinstall 2.20). In summary, it looks like the patch for the GPS problem does not work now - presumably I waited too long to apply the fix (I rarely use the Sat Nav). Any ideas? The operating system that i use is Windows 10.


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    Since April 6, 2019, some devices have had problems receiving a GPS signal. This is the WNRO (Week Number Roll-Over) issue that has resulted in some of our GPS models not receiving GPS position descriptions.
    The following problems occur with the navigation devices with the GPS chip: Global Hammerhead GL1 + GL2, Broadcom BCM4750, Qualcomm AR1520 and SiRFstarIII:
    Time: 0.00; Date: January 1st and - or long satellite search
    there are official and unofficial updates.

    To check which GPS chip is installed on your Tomtom, press the RESET button and then the On / Off button for a few seconds until the diagnostic screen appears. The model of the GPS chip is displayed in the "GPS type" position.

    Search the internet for "GPS Upgrade Sirf3 GSW 3.2.5" and your navigation works again without errors

    Universal upgrade GSW3.2.5TT3 & GWS3.6.0 GPS Chip_SIRF-III
    for TT GO 510, GO 520, GO 630, GO 710, GO 720, GO 730, GO 715, GO 910, GO 920, GO 930, ONE, ONE 2nd Edition, ONE 3Rd (v7), GO 7000 Truck, Rider1 + 2

    Upgrade of the GPS chip SIRF-III from version: GWS3.1.1 or GSW3.2.4TT3 to version: GSW3.2.5TT3 or GSW3.6.0
    GPS firmware GSW3.6.0 generally (but not always) finds about 2 more satellites than GPS firmware GSW3.2.5.
    However, the GPS firmware GSW3.2.5 is usually somewhat faster with the Satfix than the GPS firmware GSW3.6.0
    Note. Firmware for Tomtom Navi with Sirf 3 GPS chip; and only for that

    I tried both upgrade versions myself and I can only confirm the article about the unofficial firmware upgrade to GSW 3.2.5 or GSW 3.6.0. the upgrade is also possible with many other EOL sat navs with the Sirf3 GPS chip. It is a shame that Tomtom did not do it himself, which some users from the German forum were able to do. This point clearly goes to the Germans!
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    Thanks very much for taking the trouble to help me out. I'll do as you suggest and let you know if it works!
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    It worked a treat - I knew that my A-level German would come in handy some day. ;-) Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.