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Bug in road tag: Toll roads in the Netherlands?

MrMMrM Posts: 160 [Revered Navigator]

Setting the vehicle option to: "Car + Caravan" or "Truck" and applying the option "Avoid Toll roads" the route Zwolle -> Metz (Fr) is changed dramatically. It seems that many parts of the highways (snelwegen) are marked as Toll roads. Which is not the case. See image below.


When one chooses Car or Motocyle or Camer, etc, the route is ok!

Greetings, Marten


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,879 Moderator
    Hi @MrM,

    This looks more related to a map error than a problem with MyDrive web. The routing engine which works to calculate route gets the background data from map layers.

    Could you report this using our MapShare website, please? (under Road)

  • MrMMrM Posts: 160 [Revered Navigator]
    OK, but this bug only shows uo in MyDrive web not not on the different devices.
  • MrMMrM Posts: 160 [Revered Navigator]
    I looked at the the mapshare website, but this is different. I cannot point out 300 km of road on highways, that TomTom is calling Tool Ways. Not doable. Will take hours.
    The bug is re-producible. See it as information and TT can do whatever it feels best to do with it.
  • MrMMrM Posts: 160 [Revered Navigator]
    Besides, it only goes wrong with certain vehicle settings: Truck, Car with caravan.
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