6250 / MyDrive road side distiction

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Hi all,

While on a return trip from Italie with some fellow coach drivers we, of course, talk about navs and all issues related to them. With 8 drivers you get quite a few nav devices on the table and discussions on pros and cons on the various hardware and software. I love it because you get so much practical and user based experiences and one can really dig into subjects and matters. Very, very useful.
One of the issues discussed was if the 6250 and MyDrive for that matter make a distinction between where the nav point is placed on the map. Or better, on what side of the road? For us coach drivers it can be convenient to have a route to the correct side of the road for safety issues with boarding passengers.
Some said it does have this functionality but a quick test showed this was not the case.

Any info on this?
Is there maybe a difference in nav device used? Or a different approach to get this functionality active?



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    HI @Jan.

    One thing you can do is identify on the map the exact place you want to go to if you have no route set.. When you Fully Zoom in on the map at the destination press and hold the position on the screen on the side of the road you want. After about a second a Black icon will appear with a menu . If this is exactly where you want it then tap Drive.

    Once you have created the above route you can do the same for Stops on the way except when you have zoomed into the Mp and placed the Marker where you want it then Tap the 3 Vertical Dots next to Drive in the Menu and select Add to Current route.

    This useful when dual carriage ways are involved as you are directed to the correct side.

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    Hello to all
    isn't there a possibility in my dryve app when planning a route to my home?
    Thank you
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    Hi @DougLap

    Thank you for your answer.

    Concerning the black pointer ....... the only way I get an exact location with the black pointer is if I use the search function first. Both on the device and on MyDrive. Just pointing with your finger and holding it until the options pop-up does not give me the black locator. I use the 6250, maybe that explains the difference.


    But sadly enough it does not matter if you select a nav point on the side of the road by pointing with your finger, or select a searched nav point provided by TomTom with a black pointer. In all cases, the route does not stop on the specified side of the road. Further testings seem to conclude that this is not implemented when planning, in my case, on my device, the 6250, or when using MyDrive.



    Some planned routes do give the opportunity to get to the correct side of the road as they run opposite of other proposed routes.


    On a different matter. I also noted a difference in search results between the device and MyDrive.
    Toonen Reizen [Toonen Travel] located in Nijmegen is correctly placed on the device. MyDrive shows the wrong location.




    Cheers all.
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    On 2-way streets the TomTom nearly always takes me to the proper side of the road even if it means having me turn around somewhere to do it. Alas, it is not 100% perfect. I don't know of a way to force that.