Voice navigation with Siri and CarPlay?

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I can't get voice control (commands) to work with the TomTom App (iOS) via CarPlay. Is it even possible? When I give commands, Siri hears it, recognises it but then says something like "I'm unable to find XXXXX in TomTom". If I just say "Navigate to XXXXX" (without specifying TomTom) it does so but with Google Maps instead.

Any ideas?


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    Hi @Panoptes

    I have just tried Siri and when using the phone only you can ask Siri to open the Tomtom Go Navigator App you cannot get it to then use that App to create a route. In my case with the TT app open if I ask Siri for a route then a route is created and displayed but it uses Apple Maps not Google even if I have mentioned TT Go.

    When in CarPlay mode the only thing have got to work is by selecting the CarPlay Music Icon and started playing music in the background whilst the TT Go App is displayed. The music has to be stored on the phone and you can change tune or artist using Siri.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback. We currently don't offer this feature. However, it is being explored by our product team.

    Regards, lampard
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