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Hello everyone, question:
I'm doing tests and I don't understand why I set a route on My drive (those few times that I can connect the my Drive app and TomTom Rider) and when I send it to the Rider, another one arrives.
P.S. See photos


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    Lochfrass wrote: »
    When you plan a rout with the app then tap on the arrow next the time
    Then you can save the Route in the MyDrive cloud.
    In the next step use the switch "synchronize this route as a track with my devices" and klick save. Scroll a little down on the display for that.
    When the rider now syncs with the MyDrive Cloud, you can fin the rout under Menu/MyRoutes.
    It shoud be visible with a dotted arrow before the name of the route.


    When you only use the "Send destination" or "send stops" then the Rider plans the Route from your current location to the destination ort between the stops with the settings from your rider ( Fastes Route/ thrill route/ hide motorwayas or whatever)

    Tip: You can plan the rout on a pc too: https://mydrive.tomtom.com/it_it/

    Sorry for the german screenshots, but hope you understand what i mean.

    Ok, thank you very much I understand
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    Hi Lochfrass:

    Thanks very much for posting such a thorough answer to the question that Cyborg made. Your screenshots helped me a lot.

    I am a new TomTom user, after 18 years of using Garmin devices, so I am still getting used to how the TomTom ecosystem works. In your example above, you show a simple route that has only two waypoints, the origin and the destination.

    Is it possible to create a route (not a "track", but a "route") that has multiple waypoints on either the MyDrive web application or the MyDrive phone application, then send that route to the Rider 550?

    For example, if I am in Basel, CH and want to ride to Baden-Baden, but I want to take the scenic route via the Black Forest instead of letting the device automatically route me on the fastest or shortest route via the A5 Autobahn, is that possible?

    With the Garmin devices, I would create a route that had multiple waypoints along the way to keep me on the roads I want to stay on, then upload that route to the device. Can that be done on the TomTom Rider 550 using the method you described above?

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    Hello to all,
    yesterday I went to a city (there was no traffic), but unfortunately my GO 5200 made me do very narrow roads and in the middle of the fields, this thing is not good.
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    Hi @ST1300_PanEuropean

    Plan a route from start to destination. Then scroll and zoom in the map and tpa on that poin wehre you want to make your first stop. and then "add to Route"
    If you have made all your stops save the Route.
    When you want to make the tour call up the Route in the app and tap on "edit route" and then "Send Stops"
    The rider will now calculate the distances between stops as you have preset the device. (e.g. avoid highways, avoid dirt roads)

    A second way (in my head easyer because you need no phone)
    Tap your startpoint on the map or search it via the search option in the Main Menu and then set it as "Starting point"
    Make the same with your destination ant tap drive
    Then scroll and zoom the map ant tap on the point where you willmake your first stop.
    With the Contextmenu you can set the stops to your route.
    When you have ready the route, you can save it in your device.
    Menu/current route/add to my routes

    see also here: http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/Rider_Wi-Fi/html/en-gb/index.htm#Planningarouteinadvance-Quickandstepbystepsearch.htm

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    Hi Again Lochfrass:

    Thanks very much for your nicely illustrated answer. That process is actually very similar, in concept, to how one creates a route on a Garmin device using either the Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp application, so it should be pretty easy for me to make the transition from Garmin to TomTom.

    Best regards,


    PS: Let me know if you live anywhere between Basel & Baden-Baden and I will buy you a beer this summer. :)
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    (Snip) Is it possible to create a route (not a "track", but a "route") that has multiple waypoints on either the MyDrive web application or the MyDrive phone application, then send that route to the Rider 550?(Snip)

    If you use the Save & Sync option on the MyDrive Web Route Planner
    The Save & Sync option save a .GPX Track... its basicly a bread crumb track that you follow

    A Route planned directly on the device is a .ITN Route
    An .ITN Route uses Stops and the device plans the route between the stops... An .ITN Route will will respond to Live Traffic and any route deviations BUT an .ITN route will doggedly follow the stops in the order they were created, if you miss a stop, the device will continuously attempt to guide you to the missed stop... You have to cancel the problem stop on the device to avoid it

    Using a .ITN Route planned on the MDW Route planner...
    The latest version of MyDrive Web Route planner now uses 'Send Destination' or 'Send Stops' to send an .ITN Route
    The MyDrive Web Route planner only sends the route to the device as a Destination... Or if you add Stops it send it as a Route (But it's is not automatically saved in MyRoutes)
    If you are using .ITN route and 'Send Stops'
    see my workaround below



    Complex Twenty Stop .ITN Route Rider 400

    Be Aware .ITN Routes....
    If your starting point IS NOT your present location there's a BUG
    When using the 'Send Stops' option, during an "A" to "B" route transfer and when 'A' IS NOT your present location...
    The device drops Location "A"
    This bug also applies also to Multi-Stop/Waypoint routes... 'A' to 'B' to 'C' to' D' to 'E' etc...

    For a more detailed info about the 'Dropped 1st Stop Bug'
    Click on the Link...

    This is the workaround method I use....

    The Tomtom MyDrive Web Route Planner....
    Get it Here... https://mydrive.tomtom.com

    (1).... Plan my Route with the MyDrive Web Route planner (With or Without Stops as required)

    (2)... Zoom in... Place a Sacrificial stop close to the Start Icon

    (4)... Choose the 'Send Stops' option... The route will sync to your device

    (5)... The device will calculate your route from your 'Present location'
    (5.1)... The device will calculate your route using Stops in the order that you placed the Stops in the route
    (5.2)... If the planned Start of the Route is your 'Present location'... Then skip Bullet-point... (6)

    (6)...When the route has calculated, Pinch zoom to the correct start of your Route (The Sacrificial Stop Icon) 'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) on the Sacrificial Stop Icon --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Choose 'Use as a Starting Point'
    The device will calculate your route from your new location

    (7)... Saving the Route
    'Quick Tap' anywhere on the Route --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Manage route --> Add to my Routes.... Edit the route name as required or simply Tap Add

    Note... (1) A 'Quick Tap' and 'Long Tap' of the screen gives different menu options
    Note... (2) The MyDrive Web Route planner will sync a route with a Max of 20 stops

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    Maybe useful.... MyDrive App
    Choosing & Saving an Alternate Route...

    (1)... Plan your route
    After planning your Route

    (2)... At the bottom of the screen the three route options are displayed... The selected route (In this instance the 'Fastest') has a blue square Icon

    (3)... Tap on one of the alternate route displayed at the bottom of the screen to select it (The chosen route now displays the blue square Icon and a 'v' symbol)

    Yes indeed after selecting one of the alternate route the 'Send to Device' displayed at the TOP of the screen is greyed-out

    But if you now...

    (4)... Tap again on the same chosen alternate route

    A further option now appears 'Save to MyRoutes'

    (5)... Tap 'Save to MyRoutes'

    The Route will be synced to MyRoutes

    (6)... Tap the 4Dot(.... Menu) --> Tap MyRoutes... Select and Tap the newly synced Route

    If you wish to return to the three Route options flick downwards on the bottom of the screen

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    Hi YamFazMan:


    Thank you so much for your very detailed and insightful post. It will take me a few weeks to absorb it all and to try out the different techniques you have explained - right now, I can't use the motorcycle because of weather, so I'm using my car to test routes and gain familiarity with the Rider 550.

    I'm going to print your post and keep it in the car as a tutorial.

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    You're welcome, glad you're getting sorted :)
    Re...Your Avatar :o That's a unique way to park your bike ???
    I guess It's easier to work on the bike as you don't need a ramp