What happened to 50 free miles per month?

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When I open Tomtom Go on my iPhone now, it says "Subscription Ended" (I never had one anyway) followed by "Your Unlimited Navigation subscription has ended. Renew your subscription to keep enjoying Tomtom GO Navigation."

I never had a subscription. My understanding is that the app is supposed to provide 50 free miles per month, which is more than adequate for the rare occasion that I need it.

So what's happened? Why am I not getting 50 free miles any more? I repeat, I never had a subscription.


  • lampard
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    Hi @PKSlough

    Welcome to the Community! With the new GO Navigation App, we do not have any free miles/km's included on it.

    We now provide a trial period of 1 month with no limitations and from your response, it seems the trial period is expired and you'll need to choose a subscription to continue using the App.

    Regards, lampard
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