Tom Tom my Drive says 'no internet connection'

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Help! I'm trying to update my device, I'm connected to the Internet but Tom Tom drive just says 'no internet connection' I'm on Windows 8, have excluded Tom Tom from my anitvirus, have uninstalled and re-installed Tom Tom Drive, restarted the laptop but still the same message.


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    Everytime I want to update it's this same long winded pain in the backside, mydrive saying "no internet connection" WHEN I DO. never buying tomtom again.
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    Hi @ajto

    What PC are you using and what Tomtom unit. There may well be settings in your PC that are causing the problems.

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    I had/have the same sort of problem by it saying " No internet connection" so I uninstalled MYDrive and it connected to allow updates but once I came out of the site it keeps "popping" up with the same message! So I have no idea what to do, I mean I can't keep uninstalling and installing can I?
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    When you uninstall remnants of the program are left behind which could still cause you do a clean uninstall free Revo it to uninstall My drive...remember and click on SCAN after part one of the uninstall finishes...a list comes up of what was on Select all and my drive
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    Welcome to the site....
    If I have a problem with myDrive Connect... instead of UN-installing & RE-installing MyDrive Connect
    I find deleting the "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders in the MyDrive Connect Program just as effective for giving MyDrive Connect CPR to bring it back to life...
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    Thanks @YamFazMan
    I'm on a Mac but have found the two folders you mentioned (Home3 and MyDriveConnect) and deleted them. Hurrah.. that's done the trick after a couple of frustrating weeks I've updated it successfully.
    Many thanks for the advice.

    On a Mac....
    The "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders are located here...
    MacOS: Users\Username\Library\Application Support\TomTom\

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM