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Since Windows 10 updated 2 weeks ago My computer does not "see" my Rider 520

Brian_47Brian_47 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
Does anyone know how to resolve this. It worked OK before the update. M'soft gave me some ideas but they haven't worked. Previously I could make routes, connect via the TomTom USB lead and the device was seen on my screen allowing me to upload route plans to the TomTom.


  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @Brian_47

    Apparently you have a driver detection problem with Windows10 to use the specific function for all Riders Importing routes from your computer using USB.

    To force the detection by the OS you can try to do a Soft Reset with your Rider connected to your PC by cable.
    ==> With your device "switch on", press and hold the On/Off button until you hear the drum sounds. This can take 30 seconds or more. The device restarts. If you see a black screen with white text, hold down the button until you hear the drum sounds.
    You will not lose anything, it's like a "Restart" with a PC, I do it after each update.

    The name of your device, Rider520, doesn't appear in TomTom products. You can have a WiFi Rider (500 or 550) or a Rider (420 or 450) that requires the MyDrive Connect software.
    If you need the MyDrive Connect software or use it for your Wifi device to replace the Wi-Fi direct connection, look at this message.

    I hope it will work for you.

  • ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 80 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Hello Laure123:

    I am a new TomTom user - after 18 years of using Garmin devices on my motorcycles, I have purchased a Rider 550. The device itself is quite simple and intuitive to use, but I am still in the process of adapting to the TomTom ecosystem (MyDrive web app, MyDrive Connect, MyDrive iPhone app). So if my question appears "dumb", please bear with me.

    I read your post directly above, and after clicking on the link you supplied in the first paragraph of your post (importing routes from your computer using USB) I learned that it is possible to connect the Rider 550 to my Windows 10 laptop and have the device recognized. The process worked exactly as described in step 1 of the online user manual - after connecting the Rider 550 with the USB cable, the device displayed the 'Connected to your computer' message.

    I then downloaded the MyDrive Connect software, installed it, logged in, and re-connected my Rider 550. The MyDrive Connect app then displayed the message displayed in the image below. I was not able to dismiss the small white screen containing the 'Update the Easy Way' message and begin using the MyDrive Connect application.

    I do appreciate that it makes great sense to allow the Rider 550 to use its own built-in Wi-Fi capability to connect directly to the internet. But what if I am sitting at a picnic table at the side of the road somewhere and want to haul my laptop out of my saddle bag and download a new route to the device? We don't have Wi-Fi hotspots at the picnic tables at the side of the road here in Canada :) , so using the device's Wi-Fi capability to transfer a route is not always an option.

    I might have misunderstood the concepts behind the use of the MyDrive Connect application with the Rider 550... if it appears to you that that is the case, please let me know.

    Many thanks, Michael

    Message from MyDrive Connect

  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 728 [Revered Pioneer]
    MyDrive Connect is for updating your Rider (TomTom version of Garmin Express)
    With the Rider 5X0 series you only need MyDrive Connect if you have a bad WiFi connection. (And for full recovery)
    It is easier to update and load maps using WiFi on a Rider 5X0.

    To load Tracks, POI’s and destinations on your Rider you can use the MyDrive Website. When connected to WiFi your Rider wil load this changes using WiFi. On route the BlueTooth connection with your Phone and MyDrive App on your phone to load Tracks and traffic info using mobile data.

    To load ITN Routes and GPX Tracks using USB you do not need an application. Just click import routes on your Rider after connecting the USB Cable and the internal storage from your Rider will be visible on your PC.

  • ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 80 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    edited January 2020
    Hi RoadRider:

    Thanks very much for your quick and very clear answer to my questions, I really appreciate your help. You have made everything very clear and easy to understand.

    I have only one follow-up question. You stated that Rider 550 users only need MyDrive Connect if they have a poor Wi-Fi connection (or, presumably, no Wi-Fi connection at all). If this is the case - if no Wi-Fi connection is detected by my computer because there is no router connected to the internet around anywhere - will I be able to dismiss the "Update the Easy Way" white splash screen that appears on the MyDrive Connect application when a Rider 550 is attached via cable?

    Or, should I attempt to connect the Rider 550 to the computer - in the absence of any Wi-Fi connection available to both the computer and the device - by setting up the computer's Wi-Fi properties to work as an access point?

    The reason I am asking is because I am trying to figure out how to load routes or waypoints (from datafiles on my computer) into the device from my laptop if I am at the side of the road somewhere and there is no Wi-Fi access to the internet available. I often ride in areas such as rural Morocco or Tunisia where reliable and fast Wi-Fi access - and sometimes even GSM phone data access - is difficult to find.

    Thanks, Michael
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 728 [Revered Pioneer]
    I advice you not to perform updates during your trip.

    To load ITN Routes and Tracks only use the USB cable.
    See video for instructions.
    (The procedure is basically the same as with Garmin PND’s)
  • ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 80 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    edited January 2020
    Hi RoadRider:

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Thank you also for providing the link to the TomTom video above. It explained things clearly. I am quite impressed with the collection of videos that TomTom has provided as tutorials for various tasks - they are well done and very helpful to me as a new user.

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