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Can I sync Start 25 with Start 52?

AlanR47AlanR47 Posts: 24 [Master Traveler]
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I have a Start25 and a Start52, and the latter is starting to play up annoyingly. I have already successfully Sync the 52 with MyDrive, and following a recent factory reset on the 52 have successfully sync all my data back onto the device.

Is there any way I can sync the 25 with the data previously synced from the 52?

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  • AlanR47AlanR47 Posts: 24 [Master Traveler]
    Thank you - that sounds interesting - will investigate later - and report back.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,258
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    Further to user @Lochfrass Post....

    Re... Your NAV3 Start25 Device installing POIs.....
    Get the latest MyDrive Connect Here.....

    Method (1)
    (1)... If you’re running the latest MyDrive Connect… The menu has changed slightly.....
    (2)... With your device turned on and plugged into the PC USB port
    (3)... MyDrive loaded and the MyDrive showing on the PC Taskbar
    (4)... RIGHT CLICK On the Tomtom Icon on the PC Taskbar
    (5)... Click on the link "Manage Community Content" (See below image)

    The below image is 2X normal size

    Note... If you're using Hidden Icons on your PC's Task Bar
    (1)... Click on the up arrow ^ Icon on the task bar to access the Tomtom Icon
    (2)... RIGHT CLICK on the Tomtom Icon
    (3)... Click on the link "Manage Community Content"


    Method (2)
    Direct Web Address link to "Manage Community Content"
    (1)... With you device turned on and plugged into the PC USB port
    (2)... With MyDrive loaded and the MyDrive showing on the PC Taskbar
    (3)... Click on the Link below to open the "Manage Community Content" page

    After using Method (1) or (2) to access the "Manage Community Content" menu install your .Ov2 and associated .bmp file Here.....

  • AlanR47AlanR47 Posts: 24 [Master Traveler]
    Wow that was interesting.

    First I tried using MyDrive Route Planner to make the .ov2 and followed the instructions and got to Download your MyDrive data, clicked it and nothing happened. I expected to be asked where to save the .ov2 file, but was not.

    In your latest email, as suggested I installed the latest version of MyDrive Connect (v4.2.7.3966). When run - right clicking on Taskbar icon does not produce any option to Manage Community Content (I am running Windows 7 if that makes any difference).

    I then moved on to Method2 to get at Manage Community content page directly and this worked as expected but with no .ov2 of my current data I could do no more.

    Then I found an old .ov2 made a while ago of places on the Isle of Wight, and used Manage Community to install this on my STart25. I worked. But it is slightly out of date but at least proved the Manage Community page does what was expected.

    So my sticking point at the moment, how do I make ov2 files of my current data, presently sitting on TomTom cloud?

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