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Now I have another question

Ok, so it seems that I managed to create an account without adding my device. Now I am trying to upgrade my Tom Tom Smart Media System maps using the SD card and the computer isn't allowing me to go any further without a USB cable. Anybody able to help me with this? I saw a video on youtube where the guy just popped the SD card into his computer and went into his Tom Tom account and all ok. This is all getting annoying. Am I missing something basic here?


  • Oskar-2Oskar-2 Posts: 1,632 [Revered Voyager]
    I'm not familiar with the Smart Media System (SMS) so sorry if I'm wrong:

    Can you use a USB memory stick on both SMS and computer? If so do it this way, it should work! But the formatting process of the stick has to be performed/executed by the SMS and not by your computer! So you have to insert the stick into the SMS unit first! And if needed check out Google for more information about your SMS.
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